The F Dept Checkered Jacket

Outerwear is a personal favourite and integral piece to my look. I never realized just how much it completed my look until I moved to Singapore where the weather does not call for one, ever. It allows you to make a major statement by incorporating this one key simple piece, and also has the versatility to be worn in number of ways. And function for when you are indoors where they have the air conditioner on full blast.
One of the things that I had to do was store away the one’s I brought with me from Toronto, and invest in some lightweight material ones that still provide the form and shape as the originals would do.

Then low and behold, this chic little checkered bomber style sweater jacket from The F Department, “Colette Bomber Jacket (Square)” from their latest Ivory & Ebony collection. The faux leather sleeves gives it that extra edge. And immediately thought this would be the perfect jacket for Casual Friday’s to the office, or a date night to the movies, since my definition of “fall” in Singapore is air conditioning – whatever, in the name of Fashion, I can make up my own season.

I tend to gravitate towards the simplistic symmetry of checkered prints – and don’t underestimate the power of this pattern. These chic checks are not only one of the biggest (and coziest) trends, but they also pack all the punch an outfit needs. It’s about finding the right balance and proportion to your look. If you are going for a looser top, wear something form fitting at the bottom, and vice versa.

I know that I am going to get so many looks with The F Dept Checkered Jacket – it is really such a perfect piece.


There is just one simple rule to keep in mind when incorporating printed patterns to your look;

Don’t be afraid of prints. Printed patterns are great so long as you keep the rest of your look very simple and sleek.

Opposites attract. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: black and white is one of the most stylish color combos around. Give it a try, go for the classy route and pair these two hues together. Bonus points if you add a pop of Valentine’s red, like I did with my Louboutin soles!


What is your favorite way to incorporate bold prints into your wardrobe? Share on the comments below!

In the meantime check out the latest launch “Ivory & Ebony” over at The F Dept ( and stay tuned for my Q&A session coming soon (on Friday!) to learn about the incredible girl power duo at The F Department.

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