The Golden Years

I know that piercing a body part is a commitment, one I have only taken part in recently. I felt like the episode from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know, the one where Bruce Jenner is trying to be “young & hip” and gets his ears pierced with Rob. lol Can you believe it was only last year when I decided to get my ears pierced, 4 holes at that, one on my right ear, and 3 on the left side, and then subsequently let the extra 2 close back up – which I am now kicking myself for.

Laugh for all I care, but I really felt empathy of what Bruce Jenner was probably going through lol — I went with my 20 year old cousin and marched in to one of those make-up/piercing places inside the mall and felt more anxiety than anticipating a vaccination shot! I have this weird needle phobia or anything protruding  or puncturing of any kind.

But I felt like a teenager again, rebellious and brave. HA! Bruce Jenner had nothing on me! One year later  to-date, I am so happy that I had finally decided to get them done.

 While I love the fine Jewellers like Tiffany & Co., David Yurman and Cartier.. I wanted a more simple and modern look. And I had the perfect design which I had drawn up in my mind, so I immediately started searching the web that led me to the chic and geometric designs of Smith & Mara.  The one you see on my ear is called the straight bar earring – and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I get what Robert Frost meant when he wrote “Nothing Gold Can Stay” but in my ripe 32 years, I have found that the only things to have stayed are quite literally, possessions that are made from gold.

Take, for example, the two simple gold bands, placed on my index and ring finger for the “midi-ring” look. I once complimented my grandmother on it and she took it off right there to give to me. Of course, on her, they were no “midi” rings or looks, they were just simple bands she had stacked on her pinky. And the enterprising 14 year old that I was, I followed the compliment with one of her many Hermes scarves and the LV bag she carried every Sunday’s to Church, but these compliments were just cute attempts and to no avail.


And every time she sees me wearing the ring, she reminds me that it is older than our ages combined. A gift from her grandmother and handed down from her ancestors, that dates back to the Last Emperor Era of the Joseon Dynasty, those two simple circles represented a highly personal history that is now being preserved through a physical totem.

It is then, when I consider the larger history of this fine element, or Au 79 from the periodic table, lets look at just how far gold dates back, shall we? It must begin as early as 2500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, traveling through India and Greece and Russia, and even into American pop-culture by the way of hip hop artists, like Run DMC, who galvanized gold chains around their necks. And this makes me realize how prevalent the material continues to be, which leads me to my next question back at Mr. Frost, what in the good name of precious metal are he talking about?

Personally, I cannot wait to start passing down the gilded talismans that I have started to gather, and it makes collecting them even sweeter.

So this Smith & Mara straight gold bar earring I got last week, I can now see myself passing it down at 55 to give to my daughter as motivation to contract her own monetary policy.

And for the record, I understand that in the context of Frost’s poem, gold is a simile for the ephemeral nature of – well, nature. But isn’t there something to be said about golden memories – the golden years – where they are deposited and how far and long they live on? Gold is one jewelry that will forever be timeless and classic. And without the memory it is just ‘stuff’ but that goes for a lot of things, if not everything in life. Meaningless stuff until our memories are put upon, which then creates a significance and value for us.

And my Smith & Mara gold bar earring is the simple design that makes a bold significant statement just on its own. I love how they are sold as separates so that you can mix and match. But now do you see why I want to kick myself for letting the extra holes close! Ah well, I will spare you my sob story because that violin has been sealed and stored away.

Do you have any heirlooms that you have either acquired or plan to dole out and the memories you will tether to? Share on the comments below!

Yvette xo