The Great Birkenstocks Debate

As Summer is fast approaching, the great Birkenstocks debate continues with those around me. Perhaps because I am pro-Birks people are still in disbelief that a “Style Blogger” <insert mild sarcasm tone and dismay gasp here> like myself would approve of such an UGG-like fashion faux-pas? And just like Kale; Birkenstocks must have a really, really good publicist. Think about it, how else would two rather unassuming enigmas become as popular as they have within the realm of fashion if not for the aid of a truly trailblazing and unapologetic ball buster? While Kale is being used in almost anything and everything; from ice pops, to jewelry, in smoothies and on sweatshirts – which are all equally relevant to – well, being relevant. So as far as Birkenstocks or myself are concerned, (and do I even really need to mention Phoebe Philo or Kate Moss and so forth) and that’s a trick question because I already just did and I digress.. my point is, Birkenstocks are everywhere.

It was, however, immediately clear that they were the perfect solution to maxi-slit skirts and slouchy, wide leg trousers. They also work well with kick flare jeans. And while the trend caught on almost immediately post normcore (though I laugh to use the word “trend” for a sandal that’s been around since what, anno domini [a]?), but I soon understood their sartorial worth, I worried that the very specific look would die out the moment I caved and bought a pair.


This industry – fashion – makes you fickle, doesn’t it? The second you love something, you’re sick of it. I look at so many shoes that just as soon as I declare something my new favorite — I’m on to the next thing, and miraculously both my wardrobe and physical self are able to survive sans.

But for some mysterious unexplainable reason, Birkenstocks have stuck. I caved and got my first pair in 2014. I have no clue why. I know they’re not attractive. They make my feet look ginormous and flat, like Bilbo Baggins less the hair. And as my Colleague points out, “they’re at an annoying price-point.” $100 dollars is technically cheap when comparing them to my most recent Chanel splurge. But $100 dollars is also kind of expensive for a pair of cork-bottomed feet luggers that are going to make me shlep and slouch like a hobbit. These definitely won’t make my legs look leaner, and they won’t “jazz up” a pair of jeans. But I secretly convince myself that they magically will each and every time that I do wear them. But they don’t.

The Great Birkenstocks Debate


So what do I do? I couldn’t justify myself to go for the Designer version but on my latest trip to Macy’s Backstage I found myself drawn to its sister version and acquiring my second pair, but this time, for a fraction of the cost ($29.95 to be exact by J/Slides NYC), in a metallic gold. Totally justifiable right?Abso-freakin-lutely. Visit Macy’s Backstage to find your one-of-a-kind summer deal.

This is how I see it, trends are much harder to sustain, let alone keep-up, so unless I am 110% convinced that it’s worthy enough to join my closet, I go for the affordable and practical version. So as much as people complain and condemn fast fashion mega chains like Zara and h&m for copying, they co-exist harmoniously because there is a market for all.

What are some of your no-deals? What makes or breaks the splurging event? Share on the comments section!

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