The Turtleneck Hair Tuck

I know, everyone has got an opinion about turtlenecks (myself included). Those in favor to stay warm will vouch for its comeback, while those who continue to disassociate the oft-holiday-outfit of their elderly family members from their current fashion endeavors are likely to opt out. Heck, it may even remind you of the great Steve Jobs. So consider it a gift that he left you.

Personally, I have always loved and forever will have a love affair with turtlenecks, it has now come to my attention that turtlenecks are a universal truth worth acknowledging, that it has officially become a staple piece to our wardrobe at the end of 2015. And the only way to come to terms, is to accept the turtleneck as your ally, your comrade, your bff, whatever. Diane Keaton is also a notable forebear and champion of it. And Michaela of FuckItGoingToNY dons the look impeccably. So, really, never mind the ugly sweaters your aunt wore every holiday, which still haunts your memory to date – remember – different place, different time.

Fast forward today, here and now, there’s a new element at play and it’s your hair, which should boast the idealized ratio of a flocculent muffin to knit neck. The turtleneck hair tuck. That’s right. It’s a signature look I have been sporting myself for the past 5 years. But I will tuck my hair into just about anything, and not exclusively to turtlenecks.


It’s simple really, the flocculent muffin should pronounce itself.

The curve that separates your neck from your head, where the hair looks like it’s curling in, should stand out about an inch. To achieve this, simply tug at the back of your head where you tucked in your hair in to your turtleneck. Then gently massage your scalp using your finger tips for two or three strokes to loosen the rest of your head up.

Now tell me that you’re not grateful to have human hair keeping your neck warm.

Yvette xo