To The Person That Cares

We interrupt Snow Storm Jonas for this simple message to the dreamers and dream chasers.

For each person who cares enough to pursue their dream, who is courageous enough to act on it, who is generous enough to say, “here, I did this,”…

There will be ten people who chide, “I could have done it better.”

And hundred people who question, “Who are you to do this?”

And thousand people more to say, “I was just about to do that,”

And ten thousand others who don’t give a flying fuck.

And all of this is okay, because the person we need, the one we cherish, the one we would miss, is that first person – the one who cared enough.

So, Kudos to you for pursuing your dream.

I’ll make this post simple and to the point. No matter your age, it’s important to dream and pursue what your heart desires. And most of us will spend more time telling ourselves “when I am ready..” and contemplate about the what-if’s and before we know it, even more time has passed us with nothing to show.

This post is to the person that cares.

Yvette xo